Delicious Final Project

Soo although I’ll be most likely discussing my project in class tonight.

Here’s my proposal for my final project:


I’ve picked local pro-women organizations that help out poor women and girls in the community of Pittsburgh. These include Bethlehem Haven, Gwen’s Girls, Planned Parenthood, New Voices Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Action Against Rape, Crisis Center North, and Greater Pittsburgh Literary Council

For Each Group There will be a short story surrounding an individual who is involved with one of the organizations. This story will be told through hypertext. At the end of the story there will be information on the organization and also an optional ‘call to action’ where the reader chooses the level of engagement she or he would like to be involved with.

For example: The Planned Parenthood story is about a woman who cannot afford healthcare and is going to planned parenthood because it is a wage based health facility. Yet because it provides controversial services like Abortion, there are protesting pro-life groups that wave posters of mutilated fetuses to women seeking general care. The narrative will be told first person and will be in the head of the individual’s story. It will end when the main character gains access to the building. The last page of the hypertext narrative will include information on the organization and also the ability to volunteer. There will be an option to sign a petition regarding women’s access to healthcare facilities like planned parenthood. also the option to volunteer as an escort for patients to comfort them while they walk through these protest groups. I will include images in the narrative as well.

So my project will be informative through the creative outlet of story telling, and then at the end relate to real action that one can engage in regarding issues& lives in the greater community of Pittsburgh. Whether one has the time to volunteer or support an organization it leaves the reader/player that option.



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