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Schulz’s text is gives off quite an interesting look on imagery. As found in the class we compared the two works, The Tree of Codes cuts out the awkward and sexual parts and leaves people nameless. It focuses on things such as abstraction and reality. This can be looked at through the parts that were cut. From our comparison, Street of Crocodiles shows massive infusion of reproductivity (references to the garden). In Tree of Codes, we see more relationships rather than experience, opposite of Street of Crocs when we read about the adult masturbating against a kid while viewing porn, up to the moment of orgasm. In Tree of Codes, the family seems to be quite “tight knit” and caring/loving, but opposite of that, familial relations are not quite there in the same way.

By cutting out such things, the reader is offered different emotions. It also leaves room for interpretation. Going from Tree of Codes to Street of Crocodiles, the story seems to take out depth, while adding dimension to a new story. It’s almost as if multiple pages of Street Of Crocodiles is equal to one single page of Tree of Codes.

~ by rcf19 on April 8, 2013.

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