Compilation: Death Rattle and Last Hurrah

My STUBBLE kept wanting to jump straight over the SORROWFUL areas and form FIRE from the DAMP. Listening to the unwritten words felt {primitive, superstitious, lustful, primal}. FURIOUSLY I zoned out, losing {a pastel palet of platitudes} in the narration. bluh bluh bluh There GUMS SPREAD much more SAFFRON and FERTILITY in the full text yet I was MANIACAL to find {body parts and functions and fluids} on their FLESH. I had originally DISCARDED it without the MUD. The {shadows are excised leaving} completely changed SKIRTS, some new-formed ORGIES were

CHEAPEST MIDDEN THISTLES losing my PEASANT as I listened. It was PAGAN to keep {a lightness of mood} with more BELLY visible. I tried to filter them out, but they MOVE the space between fragments, distracting me from the EXPLODED FEMININE. In isolation HALF HIRED HUMP HEAP seemed {much more sensuous flesh-oriented gender-politicked} but contextualized by the BURR they took on UNTIDY meaning as they touched on the taboos of YELLOW and BOREDOM. {Removed from reality} EVIL was curious and had heightened LIPS of RATS BALDING the words were reached in the FLOWER. bluh bluh bluh. There was an entire 3-4 MORNING stretch where I didn’t turn the WALL, but had to re-find my ADVANTAGE by rapidly recognizing a BREAST

Compilation process:

I used three of my notes as base texts.

1) the two 5-minute free writes describing the experience of listening to Street of Crocodiles

2) the notes describing the differences between Street and Tree

3) the list of words that stuck out from Street

First I typed out 1.

Then I replaced phrases of 1 with {phrases} from 2.

Then I replaced words of 1 with WORDS from 3.

Compilation embodies two of the foundational themes of this class: gamification and affect. In there original states my base texts were dull, uninspired affairs–a labor to read and a tedium to write. But through gamification I was able to re-contextualize the way I read and reacted to them. Rather than focus on the dull content of 1, I focused on how the dull portions could be replaced by portions of 2 in a way that seemed most amusing. By the time I was inserting words from 3, I was having a fun time. The final product, I am proud to say, bears almost no resemblance to the original texts and is infnitely more entertaining to read. My final text’s affect is titillation, even though its content is nonsensical. Gamification, by creating new constraints on creation and interpretation, allows readers to experience new affects from old texts. In this age of digital storytelling, where we are deluged with content, our affectual experience of media is arguably more determined by the gamified context of its presentation than the logical value of its content.


~ by Freddie on April 7, 2013.

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