Reading Between the Lines

Tree of  Codes is the perfect example of literally reading between the lines. We are challenged to read this book differently than any other book, because of the structure and design. I had no idea what people were talking about in class when they said it was really difficult to read it, but then I opened the book and immediately knew why. I was taken aback by the design, but soon found myself enthralled by it. I began to read it as a book of poetry, and it flowed very well.

It took me a little while to figure out the nuances of the book, but once I did, I had a really good time with it. I imagined the whole book as a play, with one person on stage doing a monologue and a chorus in the background. The chorus reads the words that are visible through the holes in the page, and it adds to the effect. Most words that slip through the holes are relevant to what is happening on the current page, and that adds many layers to this story. That was my little trick to understanding this a little better. I don’t think I cracked the code, but I at least started picking at the lock.


Lewis Darnell


~ by tiddles747 on March 31, 2013.

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