Depression Quest

I just want to take this week’s required SuperBlogPost(TM) to talk about Depression Quest, which I mentioned in class last week. Having lived with the condition, among many others, for a few years now, I find that this game is amazingly accurate in portraying what a depressive person’s day feels like. This game was one of the only ones that I played on Games For Change that actually made me uncomfortable. 

The fact that the storyline revolved heavily around the main character’s relationship with his girlfriend really hit home for me as well, because my anxiety centers around my own relationship. Honestly, I think I’ve thought out every single one of the situations he experiences long before I had even heard of the game. It’s interesting, because throughout the game, you get a sense that you’re in control of your life (because of your ability to choose what you do next), but at the same time losing control of it. The fact that some options are crossed out (usually the “normal” ones), hammers this in a little further. I can speak from personal experience in saying that even though I want to do a lot of things sometimes, I just can’t find the motivation or strength, or anything else. The player is basically faced with having the control they so desire taken from them without really being able to say or do much about it. 

One more thing that I found really accurate was the character’s interactions with his mother. Even if you have the courage to click “tell her how you’re really feeling”, she shoots you down and says “oh, it’s not that bad!”, as, in my experience, is pretty much the case with anyone else who hasn’t dealt with emotional difficulties such as this. The annoyance that is broadcast from that one interaction is quite palpable, even from behind a computer screen God-knows-how-many miles away from the write of this story.

Anyway, that’s the end of my ramble for this week. If you haven’t gotten a chance to play Depression Quest, I highly recommend you do so. It’s a wonderful game.


~ by ryanwcraig on March 31, 2013.

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