Meta and Violence and Point-Making and Rambling

I think that the best thing about Red vs. Blue, for me at least, is that it adds an inane (though hilarious) dialogue to a video game that is intended to be rather violent. Red vs. Blue kind of takes a look at the game itself and instead of simply shooting each other, the characters comment on the process of the game and echo the culture of violence in a mocking way.

Or maybe I’m reading into it too much.

I find RvB entertaining and easy to watch, and I love the wittier moments like the very first bit where the characters talk about why they’re here. While I’m not a big halo player, I think that the setting of the game makes an interesting conversation to watch as the characters act around inside of it. I think there are a lot of interesting things to consider with the meta of this type of story. What those things are, I’m not sure.


Now that I’ve read some of the other posts about RvB, I think I’m starting to assemble my thoughts I bit more clearly. First of all, is there really much control in a game like this? Being the First Person Shooter makes it seem like you can go anywhere and do anything you like, yet you’re still trapped inside the rules, objectives, limitations and actual created scape of the game itself. It seems like you’re being set up to experience exactly what the game-makers want you to experience. How does this tie in with the commentary that is happening inside of this created world? I think that it could even comment on the human experience, If I’m not sounding too pretentious and over-reaching, as possibly saying that we’re coming up with thoughts and opinions and asking questions inside limitations that we don’t really know exist. Because, when you think about it, if we as the players have no real control over what happens, then the guy we’re controlling has even less. Or none at all. So, the avatars are thinking thoughts and making points and commenting on things while being completely controlled by actual free-thinking beings. It’s kind of a mind warp. It’s kind of a “we’re all just ants in God’s giant ant-farm” type of thinking.


~ by kristinvermilya on March 24, 2013.

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