Individual Interacting thro Gaming for Global Change

First off Red vs. Blue, not my cup of tea. Students of our course have professed a fan status, but for me, it’s dialogue & comedy were too slow and teenage-boy geeking outness. Sigh. I’ve played combat games & have brothers/cousins that partake in such games so the landscape was familiar. The fact that comedy was integrated into these violent, bloodthirsty games can be appreciated Yet I can understand that within 10 seconds of watching this series.




The pill game spoke to the influence of pharmacy in the movement to decrease depression. It may be looked as a social commentary, yet upon its deeper implications, is speaking to the healing that can be found in interactive therapy such as gaming. [[ As a side note: The basis reminded me of a student’s midterm project (that I unfortunately missed the introduction of), and I was curious what Mr Craig thought of this? furthermore]] I appreciate the gaming medium & it’s effectiveness. There are studies against gaming addiction or obsessive behavior regarding gaming but that same study arises when one does not acknowledge moderation as a factor. The positive effects, contrary to the former study I mentioned, heavily outweigh its counterpart. The skills of detail, speed, accuracy in the phalanges condition gamers to become fine surgeons. The reason I confront these opinions of gaming relates to the game of pills because as a western culture; we are so comfortable with chemical treatments and alternative methods of treatment (for depression) are not granted representation, funding, ect. So the act of gaming and its influence on the brain as your playing a game, social commentary about western medicine are values I appreciated about this game.

The game I chose to play: Half the Sky Movement

It influences activism that empowers women and girls globally. In the game, you are playing through the lens of a woman who lives in an environment of poverty. Your budget being 2$ a day, trying to access certain necessities of life such as healthcare. It definitely stresses the importance of perspective and recognizing diverse situations of opression while striving for liberation, equality, and empowerment of all genders. The game provides the player with the option of acting in the reality of these situations. The stories were taken from real circumstances and one has the option to exercise hers or his participation to the degree that one sees fit. This ranges from signing a petition or donating. This not only empowers women in another physical realm of the world by bringing them as characters to the digital realm, but it also empowers the players to contribute to a cause they find meaningful. In terms of my experience playing the game, it was fairly simple; I would say it is similar to farmville in graphics and like farmville, is accessible through facebook.

Half the Sky Movement & Dys4ia are similar in that they both provide the player with the issues of an oppressed person while also emphasizing diversity. As I’m at a Young Feminist Majority Conference right now in DC, intersectionality is an important strengthening aspect to social movements. That’s why the perspective aspect in these games is really important in finding common goals and connecting while recognizing the diversity of identity. “games for change” really provide an entertaining and Active way for activism, education, and awareness in a personal way that speaks to global issues.


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