The implications of Noise and Motion: Bears, Comedic Spookiness, & London

Technical interactive commentary Bear 71: when video paused the music still plays. The map on Bear 71 the spacing of representations of mountains implying movement. This symbolized the influence one has in her or his own environment.

As for the the Savannah narrative, the motion is found in the background noise. Whether or not you choose to trust the introducer about the ‘live’ aspect, the form in which is presented sounds like an unedited theatrical production.


Interesting questions surfaced as I analyzed the content of Bear71:

The same people that make zoloft and viagra’-indicating the influence of pharmacy. Chemicals for depression and erectile disfunction while the natural is unlearned.

Personifying bears and an animal’s perspective on environmental issues. An eco-awareness inspiring testimony.

says navigation technology: there to protect you and to protect everybody else from you. what constitutes protection?

-‘we can start a revolution on a smart phone but can’t remember to shut the lid on a bear proof garbage can?’ “we” forget simple solutions to prevent harm on other lives or other species. What else is being forgotten? Can this statement be seen as a critique of unawareness when using technology?

“I was a good Bear”-Good Bear to this narrator seemed to mean she was following what was natural to her i.e. protecting her cubs, sniffing for elk, surviving. Yet survival meant unlearning what was natural hence ‘charging at a train.’ The natural dies in the end. Bear 71 reminded me of a naturalist using technology (sound, motion) as a medium to portray humans and their ignorance of the natural world & instincts.

The closing moral lesson seems to show itself as ‘more than a million years of evolution prepared them to live in the wild only to unlearn what comes naturally.’

Edgar Oliver’s voice &/or tone reminded me of a monster mash halloween album. Although striving to sound hauntingly, the exaggeration of ‘horror’ adjectives used in reference to mundane everyday life creates a more humorous than ‘scary’ story.

As for House on the Loon Lake, the way it is constructed creates the digital’s story community. Using different voices, background noise, and narrating over voice evoke a quality that makes this medium true to “what we know as reality.” The narrator offers the audience his personal insight and also the way in which he communicates with others. 

The London maps provided me with a delightful new experience. Sound is a sense that can be more easily taken for granted in a cultural so focused on bombarding one with quick Visual Advertisements. And reading novels, the sound may be described, but not exercising my ears as much as my eyes, the london maps let the audience experience East Ham in Springtime. Which Springtime noises are quite distinctive, however, it extends a connection to various places in the world. 




~ by hamshanwitch on March 17, 2013.

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