Human 1611011 (You)

Bear 71 combines calming music with the story of a mother bear. Soft notes and calming tones allow the listener to really get life of the bear. The real gem of this piece however is the story. The story is told from the view of Bear 71 in an afterlife type tone.  She explains some of the experiences she had in the park she lived and there are frequent video clips showing her doing things like passing through a fence or walking under a highway overpass. Bear 71 does more than it seems however. Hidden in the story are basic truths about what “wildlife” has become. One of my personal favorites goes along the lines of, “First rule of survival, don’t do what is natural. If you do, then you become a statistic.” It shows the evolution that wildlife goes through in today’s world, evolving not as nature intended but as human interference changes the habitat. Every new section of thought comes around into a short statement that summarizes the last two to three minutes of speaking. Then these points are shown across the top of the page. There is a lot going on in this work, but it is the simplicity and truth of the statements that causes Bear 71 to stand out.

Unlike the previous works we have looked at, Bear 71 doesn’t have loud different music. However, like Flight Paths and Inanimate Alice, Bear 71 works in a story towards a clean ending. Bear 71 is a work that wants to tell a story and teach a lesson. Instead of using long lectures and flashcards to drill this information, Bear 71 teaches through a story narrative.

Remember, Just because you can’t sense something, Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.



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