Flight Paths

I found Flight paths to be uber amusing, yet still on the eerie side. Similar to the Alice story, it allows you to see from the perspective of the story teller. It takes you, the reader, on this journey on which makes you feel as though you may be the one experiencing it. That is, of course, through the words in which the story itself is being told.

It was more breathtaking than initially thought because going from Alice to this, sure created different expectations. But, in the case of Flight Paths, it happened to be a wee bit more violent. It was eerie, yet invigorating and I did not want to look away. The way that each image/word would draw you in was incredible. 

Following a character through his experience could also be considered intrusive, although, it was a remarkable experience for us, “the outsiders,” or readers.The images in which we first see for each “chapter” 1-6, even seem to “set the mood of the story. The colors in each picture seem to use more dark and distinct colors.  It’s almost as if there is a war between the black and white vs. the bold colors. The images almost seem as if they’ve been distorted. 


~ by rcf19 on March 4, 2013.

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  1. This post also looks at the seemingly forced perspective of Flight Paths in that the reader was forced to take on the role of the stowaway. Again, the fact that the story is “invigorating” contributes to the effect it has on the reader. Were the story simply text, it would have been blown over fairly quickly by the majority of readers due to its short length. However, because the piece almost makes the readers yearn for more, it seems to make them engage much more readily with the story.

    Investigating the mood of the story is also rather interesting. I didn’t notice the change in text and audio too much, but it seems that a lot of others did. Indeed, this story goes from happy go lucky to dark and scary pretty quickly.

  2. ^ Ryan Craig

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