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The photo’s used in Yacub’s chapters use filters to create sharper contrasts of colors, blotting out details. Harriet Driving’s images are crisper and sharper, photorealistic and unabstracted. The result is that  Yacub’s story has more dramatic tension, is made more abstract and distant than the everyday experience of Harriet shopping. When the two stories collide in Dark Mass they share the image of the blue sky, their thoughts differentiated by font. The scene’s suspense is extended by the long drawn out downward pan that lets the reader vicariously experience both Harriet’s eyes following Yacub’s descent and Yacub’s feeling of falling through the emptying air.

Jack meets Yacub eschews photos entirely, conveying the story with imagery even for abstract than those of Yacub’s POV. The suurealness of the scenario is reflected in the imagery, which uses solid outlines of objects and camoflage patterned backgrounds. The fonts have been switched, so that at first I though Jack’s narration was that of Yabub. When Yacub speaks, the text of his speech falls from the unseen mouth of his outline.

I’m not sure what is the significance of changing formats depending on POV. I think we are meant to relate easily to Harriet, hence her photorealistic imagery. With Yacub our emotional response is more intense,  the drama of his story conveyed with the the sharp contrasts of dualistic color schemes, or the solid black of his complete isolation inside the plane. There is a contrast–especially when Harriet ponders the secure supply of food her family has–between Harrient’s 1st world problems and the life or death journey of Yacub. Perhaps the authors are commenting on how Westerners with their comfortable lives fail to fully empathize with the situations of less fortunate peoples.

I think this contrast is meant to also be reflected in the narrative disorientation I felt in Jack’s chapter. At first I thought the narrator was yacub and he was locked in some sort of life or death struggle. But the struggle turned out to just be a video game.

At this moment I can’t remember what the music and sound effects of the various chapters, though I do remember enjoying them at the time.


~ by Freddie on March 4, 2013.

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  1. Your writing style for this exercise is interesting, because of the format. For most of the assignments that we do in class, where we have a limited amount of time to complete them, people will condense their whole post into one or two paragraphs, with multiple ideas in each other them. This one, however, is very formulaically spaced out, with each idea getting its own paragraph, even if that paragraph is just one or two sentences long. Not only did you give some more length to your post, you made it nice and neat for us all to read. If you notice this comment, all of my ideas are grouped into one big paragraph. I only ever break into another paragraph if I have a monumental change in my ideas or writing style. Also, the way that I write is very littered with commas, spreading my ideas all throughout sentences rather than having a single sentence for each one. Your writing is different than this, and it is a nice change of pace for me to read. It’s cool to see “First thought. And second thought. And third thought” rather than “first thought, second thought third thought. Next sentence, also this sentence, more details in this sentence.” This is a large part of your writing style, and it is interesting. Time is running out, so I’ll wrap this up quickly. I enjoyed reading this post for its bluntness and the way you question the use of POV and everything the author does. The writing is unique, and spaced, making it a pleasure to read, especially as a contrast to my own writing.

    Lewis Darnell

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