Fleeting Flight Path Narrative

Copy Pasta. Same Author same..what? Flightpaths does maintain some of the elements that we saw from annotated Alice, most notably the creepy continuous music. Dealing with a more real-world issue Flight Paths isn’t afraid to tell a jumbled story. The screen very rarely sits still and every transition is like a ballet of motion. We don’t get a name this time around, not until the last episode. In fact, we don’t get much besides streams of information irrelevant to the identity of our hero. The narrator shifts from one faceless mind to another. Its like a series of movies strung together, we have the guy who wants to work all day, the guy who is escaping from his home, the death of a character, and then the weird death experience. What confuses me is I don’t know how to take it. Am I supposed to watch it like a movie, or scan the images and words for content. The issue, is it that people who like to work know people who must get away and seemingly fall out of the sky to their death?

I’m going to move on because I’ve been stuck on that sentence for a while. I guess the color choices are interesting. Each episode or scene seems to stick with a color pallet. One of the links doesn’t even work, don’t know if that’s intended or not. Its just very hard to connect with a faceless, nameless character. Yes, he gets a name at the end, but for most of the story he’s just narrator. How can you connect with what you don’t know?

Always going back to the damn lack of name. There has to be something else to talk about. Just seems like a crazy series of events strung together to me. I can’t even link the various narrators. Its like four separate stories all being called the same book. That’s what real flight paths are. They go in all different directions to every corner of the world, crisscrossing multiple other paths. None of them can be certainly followed, because they only exist in air.

I agree, I don’t like the above author either. He tries too hard. Kid always wants to put a reason on everything. Why can’t something just exist without reason?


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  1. I like the wink of self-awareness at the end of this post. It’s a little smarmy, but I’m into that. At first, the approach is to summarize the text, of which an admirable job is done. Interpretation is a bit marred by the author’s preoccupation with the peculiar approach to narrative within the text. Rhetorically, I think the line “They go in all different directions to every corner of the world, crisscrossing multiple other paths. None of them can be certainly followed, because they only exist in air.” is fantastic. After hanging a bit too long on the issue of the narrator’s name, or maybe just being a bit at a loss, this author comes across a wonderful articulation of what I felt was a major theme of the work- the concept of a ‘network’ and how the name ‘Flight Paths’ relates to that.

    • Forgot to also write: In the author’s aforementioned preoccupation is a desire to find a thematic thread or link that extends through every piece of the narrative. While I feel like he may have come across it in his own writing, I don’t know if he feels that way. A more canonized way of looking through a text- trying to find some kind of theme or acquiescence to familiar narrative styles. The desire is admirable.

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