Inanimate Alice

It felt sort of odd looking through the eyes of Alice, like I’m intruding on her private, secretive world as she introduces me to Brad on her game player and hides in the closet and shares her fears and desires. The whole feel of the story felt very 1990s, especially the “collect the dolls” game and the eerie, clickable escape game from the warehouse. The combination of the odd music and guiding words and 90s images & clips blended well together, and I didn’t expect an ultimate outcome for Alice and her family but enjoyed just sort of drifting through her adventures alongside Ming and John (her parents). And the notion that she had her own sort of guardian (Brad) as she endured anxiety and fear moving from country to country was calming. The ghostly static in the dark sky from the first episode along with the closet scene were two I enjoyed immensely, because it was as though I experienced what Alice was experiencing. There was a strange sort of lively connection despite the title of the series deeming Alice as “inanimate.”


~ by sarahbartie on March 3, 2013.

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  1. The author is lucid in her descriptions of her experiences with the text. She pinpoints a common element in texts like “…Alice” and “Flight Paths,” which is that of immersion. I guess any text should ‘immerse’ you, but digital media’s ability to utilize many methods (in this case game, sound, and text) makes immersion more fully realized. At least, that’s what I think. Also, it is what I think the author thinks, given her suggestion that she was seeing ‘through Alice’s eyes’ and was allowed to be privy to her personal world. It’s a pretty small post, I guess. That could be an issue I guess. I’m not exactly prolific, so I don’t know if I have room to speak. I do get a strong sense of the immersive elements of “Inanimate Alice” through this post. Also, confronting the lack of an ending in an impartial way was cool. Information not tainted by what is expected as a reader.

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