Inanimate Alice. Motion Survival Settings On.

in Inanimate Alice, I see through the eyes of a 8 year old girl and then a 10 year old girl growing into a 13 year old girl and beyond. International Settings On. Haunting Gaming Synth On. Static Noise On.

There was no need for Alice to explain her father’s job, why she was where she was. The ambiguity to the reader of the past focuses the audience on the moment. Alice knows she’s in another place, and her concern is not where or about telling you where yet more so about the emotions surrounding choices her parents make about her life.

She is a young woman, not yet an adult & while experiencing these narratives, I felt the power dynamics of her identity. She relied on her parents to be around and decide whether or not she was going to spend her time how she wanted to.
I was awful at catching the dolls in the Russian chapter. The first three stories never reveal Brad to me.

A significant characteristic of these stories is the way its motion is portrayed. For instance, there always seems to be this lurking danger that will swallow up Alice and her family if the movement ceases. Whether it’s a literal sense: Alice’s father, John needs to leave Moscow to avoid “losing everything” after some “big leak” regarding his job. Or finding John in China, the mother: Ming initiating the movement by driving in the jeep. The lifestyle of this family involves much movement to different countries, for their own safety in a country & Alice finds her own way of moving through building her puzzles. She finds herself alone or bored, and the only way she is able to connect is through digital mediums. The China story’s conclusion states there are no restaurants within 500 kilometers. The sense of community or tangible evidence of another’s existence is only available through the internet or games on Alice’s player.

When Alice found herself displeased with her situation, she created puzzles or played on her player. It was her outlet that she could move through. Which is an enormous part of her survival narrative portrayed by sound, motion, words, and emotion. Without this movement, everyone would die or be held captive by Russians.


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  1. This author chooses to focus on Alice as a real person. Instead of allowing Alice to be this imaginary guide on a story, the author chooses to almost humanize her. Giving her a motive for doing things that otherwise couldn’t be explained by the text, like why Alice never says where she is. The author brings up the point of motion, much like every other person, but she takes it further. She brings up the point that the end of motion means death. It means the stop of existence for the text.

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