Thoughts on Hypertext in General

I’d like to take a moment and step backwards, in a way. (See what i did there?). I’ve been thinking about the concept of hypertexts and the like, and realized that there are quite a few implications to a story that is not necessarily traversed in a linear fashion. One could, for example, weave a story that changes as the user jumps back and forth. A story that, in a way, tricks its users.

Imagine reading about, say, a day at the beach. Everything is going well, no mega shark (or Ludovician) to be seen. Then, you click on to the next page and see a detail that makes you think “Oh, I must have missed something”, and then going back to the previous page, only to find that instead of what you had previously read, there is now a shark eating everything (or everyone) in sight. In this way, we can tell stories that “evolve” based on what happened in the previous section. Or maybe this is just all incoherent rambling. I didn’t sleep well. Or did I?


~ by ryanwcraig on February 25, 2013.

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