Hoping to create some sort of conceptual fish on either Facebook or Twitter that begins to feed on an individual within a group of friends. It’s not necessarily a shark, but it’s a rather decently size conceptual carnivorous fish that eats away at the guilty mind of a person who, for example, might have caused the death of a friend in a car accident while searching for a phone or fiddling with an iPod. But it’s post-accident and hypertext-esque and further explains the idea of a conceptual fish eating away at a guilt-ridden memory. On Facebook. Piecing together either halves of photos in an online album or inexplicably short/sort of nonsensical references to insides jokes that leave the individual feeling befuddled.

If this doesn’t seem to pan out within the next day or two, I was also considering creating a ‘My Body’-like piece. I was hoping to use an image of the car one loved so dearly throughout high school or a stuffed animal that was carried everywhere through childhood and using those memories to hypertextually link to one another.

One of the two. Still hesitant about both.


~ by sarahbartie on February 25, 2013.

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