Labyrinth of Schenley

For my midterm, I will be exploring the ideas of using Hypertext in real life. Hypertext utilizes cyber space to it’s max potential, so I will be taking that concept and applying it to real life, using Schenley Park, and the surrounding Oakland area. I would like to use Rhizome as a point of reference, because of its use of matter and our ideas that we discussed from it, including ideas about space and time. Twelve Blue used hidden hyperlinks (or at least ones that I couldn’t see on my computer, and could only be seen by highlighting) to progress/derail the story, and I can use that concept in exploring the woods. Every path leads a different way but will get you to your eventual goal, whether that be Oakland or simply out of the maze that is the park. I will narrate this journey, and I will compose a song for it using my guitar or other instruments. The song will play when there is no narration, and will speak to the atmosphere of the story, whether it be calm and relaxed, or fast and panicked. It is a race to get out of Schenley alive, and only the living hyperlinks will help me.


Lewis Darnell


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