Images of Flower Power, or the Process of Wilting

For my midterm project I am going to create a spliced image of a flower composed of words that describe a flower in some way. From those slices words, the body of my work will emanate. On various html pages, there will be sort of “Mandrake-esque” descriptions of flowers (like the plant) and perhaps even excerpts from the text. I will explore what a flower “means” (the various layers of narrative and perspective, the experience of encountering these images) through tangental layers. In some of the links, there will be a disjointed fictional narrative about the demise of a “flower child”… through the eyes of her younger sister. I will have differed perspectives from both the flower child (Joellyn) and her sister (Caroline) and see how memory and images of flower connects the two of them and their relationship together. The connections will not be blunt; the narrative will not be fluid. The reader will be able to choose which word they find most fascinating from the word image and will continuously loop back to the image. By the end, hopefully the flower will look different to the reader…In this way I will construct a sort of “conceptual boat,” or “conceptual flower” of which the reader will experience. Imbedded within narratives/descriptions of flowers, I will include excerpts from various texts we have read (i.e. I will relate the quotation, “The Ludovician is a predator, a shark. IT feeds on human memories and the intrinsic sense of self,” and substitute in drugs as the predator inside the narrative/POV of the younger sister Caroline.


~ by khughes80 on February 25, 2013.

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