Halfway to the End

Midterm Project:

So…what is the point. It shouldn’t surprise anybody that I’m working with this idea as I type, so let’s hope by the end of this there is some kind of solid idea. I liked the Mandrake Vehicles? According to the little I’ve been able to retain, this project is supposed to relate to the hypertexts we’ve read and I guess work as a guide to reading them? Something that I can add to the knowledge of others in a hope for people to pretend like they’re learning from my ideas. Whatever that means.

Something I noticed was that the Mandrake Vehicles is, well not what you would expect. There is no character, there are letters which are taken and made into new things. The new words are then molded into other words. Like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster. The question is, and I’m supposed to be answering this within the next minute of class, how am I going to do that.


Let’s pretend that I wrote something meaningful here. Let’s both pretend that I came up with an idea. With any luck, I’ll have an idea before this time tomorrow.


~ by brogarn on February 25, 2013.

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