Puzzles or puzzled?

To say that I understood what was happening in The Mandrake Vehicles, would be like a ginger telling people that they can get tan. CLEARLY A LIE. I tried too much to focus on what the words were, or what the purpose was for moving them around. I also looked for it to tell a story and the just made everything worse. So, to say I was confused would be an understatement. It also doesn’t help that as I went from “page” to “page” it took about 5 mins to load and then another 10 until it started moving around. I was so confident in my thoughts of what was on the page until BAM, it went and changed everything up. This may sound odd, but it was like reading meaningless words, even though every word had a meaning… It’s very hard to explain what I mean by that, but just know that it REALLY got my brain working. I look for explanations in everything so for me, this was not fun. I definitely tried to make something of it.

Clicking on The Unknown was a relief for me. It was a little dry in some parts, but at least it had order when clicking the “next” button. It had meaning to each tale and was more like piecing each tale together as opposed to looking at things every which way on the page. This work was definitely a huge, but at least it had one focus, the three characters. It was hard to follow at times because you would begin to understand the story, and then you go to the next link and I felt like I no longer knew who each character was.

Both works definitely left me thinking what I just saw/ read but it was cool I guess. I’m not a fan of The Mandrake Vehicles but It was not terrible which is a plus. It was cool to see what they did with all the words and letters and how they made them stand out.


~ by rcf19 on February 24, 2013.

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