Th   ‘s a f el ng o   co   rt  hen wo    come    ether  n   form t    we    ex  ct  g. If    fi  t i ‘s a stan     bl    of    t as in        ,         a b t o co   rt     t e fo  at e en if         und  stand t e wo ds strun  t ge  er. On e wor s s  rt to           a d we   e th t our fo  at is ch  gi g, we be   e unco    table  nd s  rt to delve i    t  se wate s w th o r lun s ra   r than  it  our gi ls.  But the  is pro  t in the st uggle b   use if we d  ‘t fight it, o r gi  s o en up and  e be  n to b   the differ   ly. The str  n to unde   and becom   an o en mi d and  e can see   re und   ater      ey s not expec   g to see  hat life    ld lo k l ke on l   . W c n f  l the w  ds and appr    te the ki esis of   eir pu   se ra   r  han ta e a li  ar me   ng fr m th m. Errant. Stra   g fr m th  conce   d normal. E   nt, ange , syco  ant, noo e, sutu e. Plu  ed fr m t   ear h, gas  ng fo  bre  h, lo   ng for li  t, scr  ming, stru    ng,     yr. Repla   d a ew.

There’s   feeling     comfort when word c me toget er in   f rm tha  w  re expect ng. If  t fi st it’  a sta dard bloc  of t xt as    a n vel, we fe l a bit of comf rt at t e f rmat even if    don’t understand     words str ng toge her. Once words start to            and we s e that o r form t is chang ng, we bec me u comfor able and s art to del e into those w ters with our lu gs rather than wi h our gills.  But there is pr fit in the strug le bec use if we don’t f ght it, our gil s open up and    begin to bre the differ   ly. The stra n to und   tand be  mes an open mi d and we can see   re unde  ater with eyes not expecting    see what life wo  d l ok like on l  d. We can fe   the w  ds and appreciate the kinesis of        pu pose rat  r than t  e a linea mea  ng from them. Errant. Stray ng from t e conceived no mal. Errant, an  r, sycoph nt, n ose,  uture. Plu ked fr m   earth, gasping     breath, lo ging for li ht, scream  g, struggl  g, ma tyr. Re   nted anew.

There’s a feeling of  comfort when words come together in a form that we’re expecting. If at first it’s a standard block of text as in a novel, we feel a bit of comfort at the format even if we don’t understand the words strung together. Once words start to disappear and we see that our format is changing, we become uncomfortable and start to delve into those waters with our lungs rather than with our gills.  But there is profit in the struggle because if we don’t fight it, our gills open up and we begin to breathe differently. The strain to understand becomes an open mind and we can see more underwater with eyes not expecting to see what life would look like on land. We can feel the words and appreciate the kinesis of their purpose rather than take a linear meaning from them. Errant. Straying from the conceived normal. Errant, anger, sycophant, noose, suture. Plucked from the earth, gasping for breath, longing for light, screaming, struggling, martyr. Replanted anew.



~ by kristinvermilya on February 24, 2013.

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  1. This is beautiful, Kristin….. Just had to tell you.

  2. Wow. great work.

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