Twelve Blue

Michael Joyce’s text Twelve Blue represents a rather interesting way to tell a story. I say this because it almost seems that the “text” is intended to be more of a “Choose Your Own Adventure”-type story than it is a traditional story, or one that would be read in a more linear way. 

I feel that this non-linear method of storytelling works well for this piece. The subject matter on its own is just… I can’t quite think of a word, but “disturbing” might fit the bill well. When we add the fact that the reader can click through different parts of the story at random, however, it becomes a lot more disjoint, and almost confusing to whoever happens to be unfortunate enough to be lost in this spider’s web of words and mini-stories.

What is interesting is that, in a way, all of the different pages can stand on their own. Sure, the story they tell may not be totally complete, but I’ve seen a few successful pieces where the reader is immediately thrown in with no smooth “ride up” of a beginning. I think that Joyce was secretly intending to do this as well, as it allows the reader to have, in effect, completed part of his story (and made sense of the bit that he or she actually read), even if they leave the website after just one page.


-Ryan Craig


~ by ryanwcraig on February 17, 2013.

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