Suddenly Sick Seconds before Sunday Scribing

I will begin today’s post with an apology. I’m not really feeling on top of my game today and won’t be able to string together some fun letter-esque post. I woke up today very confused but my head has seemed to gain ten pounds. If luxophages were real I would be very concerned right now. Anyway, I struggled out of bed, removed the text I was reading before bed last night from my chest and made sure to re-familiarize myself with this week’s readings.

As you can imagine, I was lost. Twelve blue was confusing and entertaining the first time, but upon revisiting it I found that I had missed some parts of the “story”. Almost instantly I realized that I was in fact lost at sea. The blue background and blue text were both readable but still very frightening as well. Trying to follow the story was like finding a needle in the haystack and I eventually had to just sit down and write down the “authors” and tried to sting them together to make some sense. Needless to say this mission was a failure.

This was the third thing that I’ve read for this course, and interestingly enough it was the most frustrating. All of the “hypertext/cybertexts” toss out information in every direction. They don’t seem shy to let you be confused. Its almost like that is one of the ideas behind this form. Each page has some loose connection to the other parts of the page, but each one is also able to be treated like its own statement. The pages aren’t like those in a book, they seem to jump around and often don’t pick up the same idea that we were left with on the previous page. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet, there is a lack of structure and it becomes a lot harder to “catch” the meanings floating around from the cold hard ground. As we continue to look into these ideas, I fear I will have to grow a steadier pair of sea legs.


~ by brogarn on February 10, 2013.

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