My Body – Shelley Jackson

Shelley Jackson’s piece, My Bodyis an interesting and different piece of literature than anything else out there. I found it intensely interesting how Jackson manages to tell what is basically her life story by mapping tidbits here and there to certain body parts. What is even more interesting is how the author manages to connect every small body part story to another, not just via the clickable image of her body, but also through the hyperlinks found in each section. 

In a way, this manages to also convey to the reader that everything that Jackson has experienced in life somehow relates to her body, from her tales of the scars on her legs, each telling a different story, to the traumatizing experience of her breasts growing out. In German, the word “Wunderkammer” means “chest or room of wonders”, and that is exactly what Jackson accomplishes with this piece — she manages to effectively tell her life story while still leaving the reader with questions and yearning for more.


~ by ryanwcraig on February 10, 2013.

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