Hyperlink Connectivity and Me

The hypertext journey seemingly never ends. After going down the rabbit hole of endless interconnected stories in last week’s My Body – Wunderkammer, I thought that this week we’d be doing something different and that focus of our assignments would be related in content only. However, the first thing I noticed when I opened the Twelve Blue website was that in the top left corner, there was a LINK to My Body – a Wunderkammer. 

I had a thought after reading Twelve Blue (a hypertext adventure that was more intriguing to me than the body experiment – since I’m a fiction kind of person): these two stories mirror the way that our tech society functions. There is very little unrelated in our world when you consider the scope of the internet and how our modern methods of communication can lead to anything becoming virally widespread in a matter of minutes. These hypertext stories remind me that access is everything. Emotional access is granted by the authors and then physical access is granted when the stories are posted online. After that, their work is free to the world to be interpreted, copied, loved, hated by anyone with an internet connection. We are the links. We allow stories to be shared across the country, across the globe. Nothing is unrelated, truly. 



If this seems to make little sense, I apologize. I was awake for 37 hours straight this weekend. 


~ by kristinvermilya on February 10, 2013.

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