Flowing Twelve Blue Circles

The Twelve Blue motions in cycles that romanticize moments in the lives of its particular characters. When I read a novel, I can see the imagery in a linear, chronological fashion. Yet when I read Twelve Blue, I saw circles that connected to previous circles and led to a new circle. There is this layered layout that is dynamic to my imagination. The form itself is much like a river running into ocean, and there are also magical metaphorical descriptions of swimming in the nighttime as a dreamer. I found myself eager to click unto another page. I had no standard or expectation for the amount of text behind the hypertext link. I had no predictions as to where I was being taken in the story. I was trying to collect all of the information I learned about particular characters, but that did not seem to be the point as the reader. The layout of hypertext made me feel like a swimmer in Joyce’s story. The blue background and font added aesthetics to this experience. I appreciated the writing style as well as the layout.

The accessibility of these hypertexts stories is another terrific aspect provided by the form they render. Anyone who can access the internet is able to become a reader. That includes homeless people that have library passes. The Raw Shark Texts (although straining to be rhizomatic) was at least 12 dollars and contained characters that had no financial problems being inventive with their gadgets. Yet Twelve Blue includes stories raw and unique thought processes without characters fuming with privilege. For instance, there was a comparison of lumpy fruit to an abortion ad. I found this funny because abortions are not commercialized; but the comparison is a glowing pair for imagery’s sake.




~ by hamshanwitch on February 10, 2013.

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