Ludovician Through the Thought Waves

After reading The Raw Shark Texts, I was petrified by the thought that a creature such as the Ludovician could exist. I mean, a shark that can destroy you, signaled by just one mere thought? On that note, I was floored by the letter that The New Eric Sanderson reads fairly early on in the text, where the concept of a river being “transferred” from one person’s mind to another was brought up. When you think about it, that is truly the case. I can tell you “Dog”, and instantly, there will be a dog in your head, though there’s a very small chance that we’re going to be thinking about the exact same dog. Now, if I were to add more details, such as breed, color, and the like, with sufficiently numerous details, I could eventually inject that same dog into your head. And from now on, when you go to think about a “dog”, you’ll most likely be thinking about my dog. Wow. And then that will pass on to the next person, and the next, and the next. Kinda like a Ludovician, isn’t it?


~ by ryanwcraig on February 4, 2013.

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