What is the purpose of a word?

I found Shelley Jackson’s Skin project and  “My Body & a Wunderkammer” to be quite perplex, yet most often, quite fascinating. The first one I looked at was the Wunderkammer one. I found the site itself quite intriguing because it allowed the reader to choose what they start with as opposed to directing it’s reader of “how to read it.” It was amazing that within each story, there were multiple other links in which were embedded, yet had similar focus to that of the story in which you were currently reading. It allowed it’s reader to choose the order in which they read each story and also leaving up interpretation of “how to interpret” each story. While going story to story, it allows each reader to see how many things may sound the same, or look the same, yet may have completely different meanings or interpretations.

I found the second link, Skin, to be just as fantastic. I think that as a project, it was very thought out and had amazing concept. Where as our author has their own meaning for the word of which they have taken from the story, the people in which receive their word assignment may have a different take on the word. Not only that, but everyone else that views the tattoo of the word, will then wonder, Why that word? or what does that mean? Does  it serve a purpose?

Over all, these were crazy things to look at, but also delightful. It’s amazing how many different interpretations one may get off of a single word. One simple word could mean nothing to one person, but may mean the world to  another.


~ by rcf19 on February 3, 2013.

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