Not One Way, But Two

Shelley Jackson poses the question of self-invention in her skin and body projects. She starts a conversation on determining your own history and purpose through creativity and selective memory. She also takes her audience into a world of living words and of choice.Through all of this, weaving in and out of hypertext digressions, she leaves us with a lingering feeling of self-doubt as well. Self-doubt as a necessary accompaniment of self-invention.

But how to respond? What is the message? Perhaps…

“How could I be expected to draw things the way they really looked if in any given moment things looked, not one way, but two?”

“Migraine blindness starts with the funny feeling that I’ve missed a clue, that someone’s pulling a prank on me.

“But if something were missing, could I tell?”

I had to subordinate myself to what was there, and helplessly let it have its say, whether I understood it or not”

I had been shown up: I was stupid and brutal in my pride, just like everyone else.”

Remember it well when dabbling in self-invention.

-Kristin Vermilya


~ by kristinvermilya on February 3, 2013.

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