Double Rain-lingo All The Way Across the Story


My Friends,

I can see you sitting there. You’re staring at the wall where you’ve hung all the pictures and connected them together with string, trying to make sense of it all. I can imagine you sitting there crying and asking yourself “what does it all mean?” The truth is, it doesn’t have a definitive meaning. There isn’t some definition you can go look up on a scroll hidden away in a basement. The story is never ending and always changing. In fact, calling it a story is even a stretch. It would much prefer the name “idea” or “project”. Yes, when all of you do in time pass that particular story will end, but the idea will still remain. Your story will still be left behind somewhere, even if it is lost at sea.

I have chosen to focus on the idea behind Skins. This is because I think this best connects with everything else that must be “swimming” through your head…<–! Don’t bring attention to it! You will ruin the whole process! They will know and the weave will fall apart! –> Anyway I was just writing to congratulate you on being chosen for this project. I’m sure now that you have all gotten my letter with your word otherwise you likely wouldn’t be here. I’ve learned so much about you. Your teacher is thinking about re-arranging you into a new story. Its funny how that works, isn’t it. Each one of you, a word, independent with your own meaning. Yet I can take you all and move you around to create a completely different meaning. I can make you become whatever I want just because I feel like it.

One very interesting thing to note about the Skins project is how similar it is, or how well it ties in with the Mycroft Ward idea. Each person who gets a word does in fact have a part of a larger source in them. They are both unique and owned at the same time. Each person has their own meaning while still being contained in a story uncontrolled by themselves. This idea is perfect for the Ward parallel. Obviously each individual has their own lives, they go and collect information just like any being would, but then once they have those meanings they input it into the system creating one living mind.

You will be coming along now won’t you? We have a lot of things to discuss. I’m sure you have a lot of questions I can answer for you.


The Author


~ by brogarn on February 3, 2013.

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