Shark Bait, HOO HA HA!

The Book The Raw Shark Texts, makes one question, What is the meaning of life? Can you imagine having such a thing as Dissociative Amnesia or even going into a fugue state? I sure can’t. But, it’s not something you question on a day to day basis. This book makes you think about WAY more things that are not necessarily out in the obvious. It has to be read with an open mind because thinking to far into it will get you more lost than you could even imagine.

The amount of questions left unanswered leave you feeling as though you are bait waiting for the attack. There’s no telling what will happen or when but is bout to happen. This book makes you take on a different look. As bait, it’s as if you’re at the bottom of the food chain, which leaves everyday to an adventure as if it’s the last; that is how I feel about this book. I’ve always been one to over think things, so this book was quite perplexing.

What is real? fake?

Reliable? Unreliable?

It’s all up to you’re interpretation. Open your mind and allow no filter. It reminds me of how at night, sometimes we have dreams in which we wake up thinking as if they were real, only to find out that they weren’t. This book forced you to blend the two ideas similar to conscious and subconscious. Why distinguish? Is there really one “real” world and a conceptual world? It’s hard to distinguish, but it’s all within a deeper meaning. In the end, one must always remember: Always keep to an open mind.


~ by rcf19 on January 28, 2013.

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