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Haters gonna Hate


So here’s me posing my amateur opinion like a dog that likes to bark a lot:


There are long drawn-out paragraphs of Eric Sanderson’s daily routine. Although it is a “thriller,” the constant repetitive paragraphs about “how grumpy his cat is” or how unique the humor of his name being Ian is to only Clio/ Scout and Eric was just fluff in a cliché packed book.


The whole ambiguous identity plot even references the author’s acknowledgement of being overdone by name-dropping Fight Club. Which by doing this, Steven Hall creates a book that is dated and that also “piggybacks” off of Fight Club or rather Chuck Paluhniuk. Hall also violates the rules about Fight Club by talking about it, and I’m also holding him responsible for my mentioning of it as well.


Territoriality with sharks is a real thing. For instance: when a shark feels threatened by a presence in its territory, it attacks whatever being is intruding. Various species’ blood can lure sharks to a feast of flesh, but the iron in human blood is one of the least appealing for sharks. They may have a bite or taste, but it does not resemble the ludovician’s thirst for Eric Sanderson. Perhaps the Ludovician read statistics on how many actual sharks are killed (roughly 11,000 every hour animals.howstuffworks.com/fish/shark-fishing.htm), and then decided to haunt humans in a digital form. Anyway, I was on the Ludovician’s side even if it was just a creation of Eric Sanderson’s deteriorating mind.


I struggled with reading the book. I have read other works describing technology in a more elaborate fashion. For example, Race On the Line talks about the technology from the 1920s-90s in regards to the Bell Hooks telephone company. It was non-fiction and quite different from the Raw Shark Texts. However, the former explained every process of the machines yet the latter presumes the knowledge of one who uses computers and also mixes it with “thriller” narrative that never really thrilled me.

I feel obligated to seek out the aspects of the Raw Shark Texts I found tolerable. So:

I did enjoy the 50 pages devoted to the imagery of a shark attack; it was refreshing to know I didn’t have to read 50 pages of Eric and Clio/ Scout’s awful, unfunny relationship. Also, it made sense why the best medium for this novel is a book as opposed to an ebook. I appreciate a strong female character like Clio/ Scout. The way the Hall depicts media and its instantaneous nature of growth were respectful topics to tackle.

But in the end, none of the tolerable qualities redeemed this novel from the realm of terrible.



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  1. I enjoy this text not only for the grumpy cat inclusion, but because of the hilarious acknowledgment of Fight Club’s number one rule being dismissed in another novel and your honest grappling with enjoying the text.

  2. This post is interesting to me because I really enjoy how you explain your point of view using images (especially grumpy cat), and because I have similar feelings about the book.

  3. I like this post, because it openly criticizes the novel

  4. I really like this post because it directly contradicts what a “good student” would write. Instead of going all “oh this book is awesome because he lost his memory and now he’s trying to get it back”, you seem to go “oh, well the shark was the better character anyway” and I really like that about this post blah blah he wasn’t very good at following the doctor’s instructions and when he ignored it ultimately it screwed him because i’m pretty sure he died and i’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not, actually. I guess it depends on how one looks at death and all that, but I guess he’s finally at peace.

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