Here’s Lookin’ At You, Kid

Memory is a very fickle thing. Can we ever be sure that what we remember, what we think happened, actually happened? After reading The Raw Shark Texts, I have doubts. The world of the real and fantasy blend together so seamlessly that they become one giant realm of concept and reality. Our triumphs are the products of our overactive minds working at 10x operating speeds. Just as Eric interpreted the mind puzzles of the First Eric Sanderson, our thoughts are being controlled by stimuli outside of our control, reminding our minds of lost experiences and memories that were repressed or pushed away by the incoming flood of ideas and concepts.

In order to immortalize ourselves in this new age, we turn to the internet. On our social media websites and blogs, our personalities will live forever through pictures, events, updates, and our own words chosen to transcend time. We are all the Mycroft Wards of today. We reach out through the internet to solidify our place in history, and make it so that we shall live forever. Eventually, however, we will follow in the path of Ward and have our existence wiped out by own our Ludovician, when our presence on the internet is destroyed by the new concepts that come along. We are devoured by the very concepts that we use to live forever. We are Mycroft Ward, and we are Eric Sanderson. No matter how hard we try, our memories will fade away from the world, and we will be forgotten.

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid

The First Lewis Darnell


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3 Responses to “Here’s Lookin’ At You, Kid”

  1. i like how this post describes us all as modern mycroft wards with a multitude of slightly pixelated online facsimiles

  2. i find this post particularly compelling after the schemata exercise because it makes me ask why eric sanderson bans himself from internet access. is he trying to dissociate himself form his own digital footprint to flee form his original identity?

  3. fuck fuck fuck i got mixed up on the instructions and posted my second comment too early didnt even get to comment on a third post whatever moving on,. i stand by by previous question concerning eric trying to avoid his inline footprint. the internet is dangerous because it is an uncontrolled flow of information that could deliver unexpectedly to him his old identity and stuff. the shark contains his old identity and is chasing him so he sets up conceptual loops of external reality that keep his old identity and bay. the shark is trying to eat the OLD eric sanderson and replace it with the new eric. i think? smaybe? there are so many variables. why did the conceptual loop break in the conceptual ocean? why does the ocean represent that is so corrosive to external reality.

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