With Regret and Also Hope

If there’s one thing The Raw Shark Texts knows how to do well, it’s building tension with very little action, and keeping the reader interested through event after event. I flipped through the first pages in the line to buy the book at the book store, and surprisingly found myself reading the first ten pages in my wait. I had never been that immersed in a textbook. Reading the story of Eric Sanderson made time fly for me, whether it be killing some time before a class, or staying up at night to find out what happens in the next set of letters. The premise of memory loss is one that, if used correctly, can produce consistent thrills, excitement, and material that can keep the interest of the reader. This premise has been used in many forms of storytelling, one particular example being The Hangover series of movies. Those movies and this book both start the same: with the character waking up on the floor and having no memory. The Raw Shark Texts is definitely much more deep than that movie, however, and that’s what makes it good. We receive the little bits of information just as Eric does, which keeps us coming back for more. We want Eric to figure out his past, because we have stakes in it too. The first few chapters do an amazing job of keeping our attention as readers, so anytime we are rewarded with information, we are compelled to read further. So far, the book is fantastic, and I look forward to reading the rest!


-Lewis Darnell


~ by tiddles747 on January 13, 2013.

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