The Way is Shut.

(Received: 13th January)

Letter #1

Dear Blog,

If you’re reading this then you already know. This book is addicting. It moves in and out of suspense with effortless gliding and tiptoes on the edge of your mind at all times. Culture shock. Shutting the book, you’re unaware of where the first Eric ends and you begin.

We were asked to talk about how this book can only exist after digital media came to existence. This idea thrives in a couple different ways. There is an obvious connection to the idea of being chased by a Ludovician and the everyday experience on the internet. Lost in an endless sea of information we are not strangers to the idea of something else always being there, unseen and watching. The Ludovician becomes the malicious internet dwellers. Once they identify an easy target, or once you trip their alarms you become their chum. They swim through your information and steal what they can, unseen but ever present predators. Another thing to think about is how Eric’s defense is probably a crime. Identity theft becomes his major skill. He develops the ability to become a completely different person to everyone around him. This again is very easy to relate to the idea of the internet. Other users are as foreign to us as the farthest reaches of space.

To conclude, it is very easy to relate to this book. By breaking down the world into thoughts and words we become lost at sea. The idea of setting up a shark cage is incredible. The author, Steven Hall really hits the nail on the head when he plays into the emotions of the reader. Lost at sea we all fear sharks. So the fear of never knowing where they are hits close to home. There is no escape. Taking these fearful creatures into our minds… Leaves us with no safe place.

With Regret, and anticipation,

The First Dylan Monaghan

–Yes, It is a Lord of the Rings Quote.


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4 Responses to “The Way is Shut.”

  1. The reality of becoming a different person in the vastness of space, the internet, or our daily lives, probes deeply into the consciousness and fear of our tiny, non-important human lives.

  2. Dylan’s “The Way is Shut” jars and invites; it emulates the style of Raw Shark and interweaves it with the reality of our internet world and the the questions demanded of us by the book.

  3. This imitation is a reflective form of explanation that embodies the author’s digital obsession while combining it with the reader’s concerns and revelations.

  4. Using the letter format from the book, Dylan not only encompasses my own thoughts on how interesting the novel is, but also developed the idea of the shark as a metaphor swimming through and devouring thoughts, and addresses the issues of modern media.

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