TED, Tosh, and some song-poem people

1.  PBS Indies Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story


This documentary explores both sides of the industry of song-poems, a business that functions through one person’s paid-submission of lyrics being put to music by a band or individual musician. The song that is produced through this partnership is then released back to the lyricist who may then choose to try selling the song to a record agency. Both the lyricist and musicians featured in this piece are very unique and interesting people. The lyricists are often people who seem completely sheltered from technology, and the musicians make their livelihood from recording their stories. This documentary is nearly absurd as it exposes a fascinating industry that is not well-known.

2.  Tosh.0 Web Redemption


I think the concept of web redemptions is an interesting one for digital storytelling because it combines several different modes of media – home recording devices, YouTube and the means by which the video is uploaded, equipment to film cable television and the means by which the program is viewed. Additionally, they’re usually pretty funny; the specific link I have attached features one of my personal favorite YouTube videos in which a man is hit by an ice cream truck. (Sophisticated taste, I know.) Web redemptions also highlight how digital storytelling is critiqued in our culture and the links it has to fame.

3.  TED Talks


Saving the best for last, TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) was founded in 1984 and began in 1990 as an annual conference hosted in California. Speakers -including Al Gore, Jane Goodall and Bill Gates, for example- are given a maximum of 18 minutes to present their ideas concerning culture and science in engaging ways. In 2006 these talks were made available for free online streaming. Since then, well over 1,000 videos have been posted for public access on the company’s website. I love the TED talks and think they would be an excellent topic for our syllabus for several reasons. TED adapts real and interesting storytelling, told by knowledgable people in the fields of technology, entertainment, design, etc., to a format which makes them accessible to a world-wide community via the internet. Not only do these talks discuss the means through which digital storytelling has been made possible, they also serve as a representation of digital storytelling.

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  1. I’m a big fan of the TED talks. I know that CMU has hosted a TEDx and a few Pitt faculty spoke. Its a really curious format and it also got some buzz because Ridley Scott used TED 2023 as a platform for viral marketing for “Prometheus”. It might be cool to get in touch with some of the local folks in Pittsburgh who have participated directly with TED. Also here is the link for the Prometheus TED Talk if anyone is interested.

  2. The TED site is evidently engaging and educational. I appreciate the range of videos that they provide. The content seems quite intense, for instance, the video on experiencing deep sea diving in a wheelchair and also the one on ethics in regards to HIV are both thought-provoking and humanistic. A way of digital storytelling that is simple in its accessibility.

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