Identity, Protection, and Connection: Streaming with the Sharks

The novel The Raw Shark Texts illustrates a plot connected to the modern world of technology today:2013. They relate human memory and connection to digital ways of storing memory and connecting with others. The paper that he finds in the file cabinet allows for these streams to exist. However, these connections also allow for the shark antagonist to threaten the main character. There is this double side to the advantage of connection.

The idea of protection is a theme that relates to both the world of technology and the reality of our main character Eric. It is known that his therapist cannot protect him, and when one ponders, no one can really be protected from virtual figures. The mind and virtual networks draw parallels between each other through this text.

Furthermore, there is also a theme of identity working in this novel. For Eric to hide from the shark, he learns to act as another person. He memorizes quirks of others to use as a defense against the shark. To do this, there needs to be careful, close attention to detail and openness to embody traits foreign to oneself. This identity theme relates to a certain awareness technology raises because one can paint oneself however desirable in a virtual world as opposed to the physical world.

Although I find an obvious connection to modern technology in The Raw Shark Texts, I also perceive the use of imagery and words to date back as far as the invention of the typewriter. The creation of the fish image and also the mosquito does not require a access to new technology(Hall 90). Poets (such as E.E. Cumming and even my grandmother) have played with forms similar to this. Therefore, in addition to the evidence of technology, there is also a sense that this type of technology has been emerging for longer than the time wide internet usage arose.


~ by hamshanwitch on January 13, 2013.

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