Baby There’s a Shark in the Water

The most innovative mechanic of The Raw Shark Texts is the notion of “conceptual fish” (which might be one of my new favorite phrases) existing in a biome of abstract cause and effect flows. This strikes me as a very post-Information Revolution idea, inspired by the qualitative perceptual shift and quantitative volume explosion of information made possible by the Internet. In many ways, our existence has become divorced from materiality. We don’t farm our own food, build our own dens, walk our own journeys, or fight our own battles. Instead we interact with our world through indirectly through acts of service rather than craft, texting rather than speaking, measuring ourselves against numbers in bank accounts.  As our world grows more abstract, it is only natural that our fears do the same. Rather than fear for our flesh, we fear for the loss of our identities, the memories and histories and constructed criteria we use to separate the internal me from the external those. This is the new fear that The Raw Shark Texts play on, the fear that lurking in the vast oceans of information from which we draw mental sustenance there lurks a predator that would cripple us and rob us of what makes us human, spill our reservoir of self into the waters of the Lethe until we are an empty shell of physicality. Like Mr. Nobody, reduced from a the  idea of a soul into a biochemical automaton pantomiming personhood


~ by Freddie on January 13, 2013.

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