Exquisite Corpses, This Man and the New Myspace?

So this first little proposal is more of a hybrid of an existing social networking/aggregate site (the infamous Reddit) and the exquisite corpse game. So I am sure everyone has spent some time derping around Reddit, but if not basically is kind of a really big internet club where people post things about different topics and the best stuff gets filtered to the top through upvoting and downvoting (click the arrow up to give it your approval and down to shame it from the privacy of your home).  I was thinking it would be cool to create a subreddit (a small club inside the big club that is Reddit) where it would be possible to crowd-source an exquisite corpse experiment between the class and the wide world of the internet. The way this would go is one of us could start off a story. This would just be a line or two. Then people can post on the second section and the best ones will get upvoted to the top. This would allow us to use the freedom of this collaborative storytelling mode, but also have a system of filtering content. Just a thought. 


 My second thing stems from the site Creepypasta.com. It’s a weird site if anyone has checked it out. It is basically a place for people to share scary stories and different creepy stuff that has made its way around the internet (think Slender Man sort of mythology). Anyways there was a really interesting post about this thing called This Man. Supposedly this man is a person who has appeared to thousands of people all over the world in their dreams. The myth goes that the image of the man was drawn after a patient described the man to her psychologist and another patient recognized it, having also seen him in her dreams. It’s creepy and weird. It blends internet legends with urban legends. I think it would be a totally cool thing for the class to investigate especially in terms of collective story telling. Have any of you seen This Man?


 My final post is going to send some flack my way and that’s totally cool. Here comes the destruction of my internet street cred…the New Myspace. No joke it is totally awesome. It’s a really cool solution to all the different music platforms all over the internet right now and it blends it with social networking. It is currently invite only but I think it would be really cool to take a look at where this platform came from, especially since Myspace was pretty much run out of town by The Facebook. Anyways the new setup lets you connect with artists and friends as well as gives you a statistical break down of the commonality of your interests with those friends and artists. Here is the kicker, it logs the music you listen to (if you want it to of course). This means your pals are going to see everything. It’s a real curious mix of success theatre and hiding your guilty pleasure music but I think it is heavily tied to the way we tell a social media story of our personal lives.



~ by NV on January 12, 2013.

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  1. Reddit is a fantastic example of storytelling. You are able to see and experience multiple things at once. Sometimes you will see a heartwarming picture refreshing your hope in humanity above a post about a cat who likes to sit on computers. There is a lot of interesting information there and it really does capture that hodgepodge of ideas that digital storytelling represents to me. I like the idea of creating a subreddit because it would act as another dropbox-like system. I’d give this post an upvote if I could.

  2. I absolutely love the exquisite corpses idea. I think that we could definitely make it enjoyable while still learning and experimenting with it. I actually always heard about reddit but I have never explored it myself. I found your description very appealing and I truly think it would be a delightful assignment.

  3. I just made a comment but I think I timed out and it wasn’t left… so sorry if this appears twice or something:

    I think the exquisite corpse idea is great, but I’m also a sucker for dadaist parlour games.

    Anyways, Reddit is a good selection. It’s a fascinating example of a new way to propagate and discover information through the internet. I also love some of the humor that has come from it. I highly recommend the fifth world problems subreddit to anyone with a nerdy sense of humor. Lots of bad jokes about fake math and Lovecraftian creatures.

  4. I’m also on board with the Reddit meets exquisite corpse idea. I don’t have much experience with the site, but plenty of people in our peer group are clearly hooked on it, meaning that participation should not be lacking. Watching the story evolve could be a fun bonding experience for our class, and once it is ‘finished’ to a certain degree we might even choose to adapt what was written to another form of media. Anyway, I find this to be a great, collaborative suggestion that could offer a lot of potential.

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