The Cathedral Burns

A siren rang throughout the Cathedral of Learning. It was not the sound of a fire drill–although that’s how some students regarded them after the boy-who-cried wolf affect started to dampen any seriousness attached to the sound: a reverse Pavlov Dog affect, repetition associated with immobility, not action. The siren rang, and I fervently gathered my books and shot through the door, not waiting for the laxadazical students who grumbled behind me. Sure, the sirens had gone off many times before, and the same monotoned “please evacuate the building” proceeded. But what if it happened this time? Instead of meeting outside in a designated spot to receive graded papers and laugh with the professor outside or grieve lost class time, the Cathedral went up in flames, all the books and people inside it–those valiant enough to stay–burning along with the linoleum tiles.


~ by khughes80 on January 7, 2013.

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