Puppy Love in the Time of Indy Puppy Racing

It is the day everyone has been waiting for. The annual running of the puppies. Forget therapy dogs in the Cathedral, these puppies are bread for speed, hailing from universities all over Western PA. The sounds of paw on granite echoes through the Hogwartsian halls as the cascade of small, growling quadripaws bank around corners, their impetus to a run, a large dripping steak attached via a rope to a golf cart driven by Pitt’s own Chancellor Nordy. He swerves the golf cart around the corners of halls and banks to the left devilishly, sending a few unfortunate puppies hurtling into the fire place. An alarm rings. The race is over. The sleeping, aderall ridden student wakes up and skips off to his last final, thinking of puppies instead of math.


~ by NV on January 7, 2013.

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