Fire In the Great Hall

Inside the great hall there stood a roaring fire. Not one for forging or cooking, but built to inspire awe in those who saw it. The dwarves who dwelled within the area of the great hall were tasked with the job of keeping the fire going. However, because the fire could engulf an entire tree, the work was endless. All day and all night at least two dwarves were feeding the fire while three others were out gathering trees for fuel. the sound of the axes upon the pines echoed throughout the whole hundred acre woods. This went on for several decades until one day a hole in the rood caused the lake above the fire to flood the great hall. This extinguished the fire and the dwarves were forced to leave. Displaced from their home, the dwarves were forced to wonder the countryside in search of a new life goal.


~ by brogarn on January 7, 2013.

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