photoshop art!

by Mike Lew


When using photoshop, there are a few basics that a user must always learn.  The first and most important thing is layers.  Layers in photoshop allow the user to place images on top of each other and add effects to said layers to make the bottom or top more visible.


Here we have a picture taken from a custom position zoom and color scheme of the mandelbrot set: (generated by a program I wrote)

And here, we have Monet’s Woman with Parasol:

Our goal is to replace the background of the impressionist painting with our mandelbrot set image to make some totally awesome avante-garde stuff!

Step 1)  Go into photoshop and set the Monet to the top layer and mandelbrot set to the background layer.

Step 2) Use the magic wand tool:

The magic wand tool allows you to select a part of the image defined by the colors around it.  The selection will not be a standard box shape – instead it will detect the color of the surrounding pixels and find where a sharp color border exists.

The magic wand tool is the sparkling wand icon in the left-side toolbox.  Now click on the back ground, and it should select most of the sky part of the image. (You may need to shift-click a few times to get all of it.)

Step 3) Simply press delete, and photoshop will set your selected part of the image to transparent.  This allows you to see the image behind it!

Now check out the result:

Whoa, totally trippy, right?  Using this technique, you can make all kinds of old art new again.  Its a great way for you to induce your friends who are into fractal art to the classics.

Final quiz: can you figure out how many flowers have been replaced by customized sections from the mandelbrot set?

Answer: Three!


~ by MikeL on April 10, 2011.

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