Changing Color in Premier

Adjusting color:
If you film on a cloudy day, the color that appears in your movie can be washed out and drab. However, you can fix that in Premier.
Premier Pro has tools that can fix contrast: Go to the video effect folder, and find the folder that say “Adjust.” Within is an effect called “auto contrast.” Drag it on top of your clip, and it does the work for you.
However, that’s not gonna fix your color issues. But Premier’s got those tools too.
Go to video effects folder. Within, you will find “Color Correction” and within that folder, the effect “Change to Color.” As above, drag and drop it on any clip.
But nothing happens, does it? There are more things to click. Go to the “Window” drop-down menu and pick “Effect Controls.”
You will see a list of all the effects used on your clip. Find “Change to Color.” Use the eyedropper tool to select color to change from, from within the clip. The color you select will change to show you what you will be adjusting.
Then go to “Change To” (still within the same menu) and select the color picker. Then the color changes. How simple!


Brendan Sullivan


~ by Brendan Sullivan on April 10, 2011.

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