And now I shall be caught up: Final Project

So I have the basic outline of my ideas posted, but allow me to go into a little more detail.

My narrator is another Librarian in Babel. Unlike Borges’ narrator, however, mine is quite pleased with his lot in life, and thinks reverentially about the books of the Library. He has collected some of his favorite manuscripts in what he calls his “Retirement Hexagon,” and decides to share some of them with the listener. The books will be voiced by others, instead of just read by the narrator, because I feel like it.

The clips he shares will start out vaguely sensible, but as he’s an asshole, he holds them up as incredibly beautiful or deep or whatever. At first, the clips will grow increasingly weird and senseless. Then, he picks one that starts reading the actions he took but minutes before, and not being too complimentary. He tries to close it, but it won’t shut up, and he burns it.

I think Jorge would approve.



~ by Brendan Sullivan on April 10, 2011.

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