Old Constraints

Three Constraints in Only Revolutions:

1. The text becomes smaller as each of the narratives progress. This visual cue engages in us almost a whirlpool or down the drain sensation. As the dates converge, so do the sizes of the fonts.

2. The word “light” never appears in the novel. This is because at its base the novel is about feeling over seeing. Teenagers, like Sam and Hailey, don’t give a flying fuck about the world around them; they just want to hang out and have sex. So, no “seeing” no light.” In this way readers are required to not make perfect sense of the novel, but get from it a general feeling.

3. I have no idea what it means, but I did notice certain words used in one of the narratives and not in the other. For insteance, one uses “begin” and the other “start.” What could this possibly mean?


~ by Brendan Sullivan on April 8, 2011.

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