Finalizing Final Project

My idea is the same as in my previous post: I’m making an Only Revolutions music video set to the song “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes.

There will be no dialogue, everything will be based strictly on images. I intend to use mostly video, but if it suits the mood better I may use some still-images. I won’t know until I’m working on it, though…like I said previously, a lot of my ideas come about while I’m actually making something. So my “script” isn’t really a script, so much as ideas of where I want to film. I intend to film in both natural areas (Schenley Park, perhaps Phipps) and urban (down 5th or Forbes or some other major street in Pittsburgh) and on buses (to simulate travel…because I don’t have a car).

I’ll be using either FinalCut or Premiere to edit the video together. I really have no preference for which, it just completely depends on what’s more convenient. I’m leaning towards FinalCut, though, because I used that in the last video project. I’ll also probably use my FlipHD camera again, however it has some stability issues…I have shaky hands and it has no image stabilization, so I may look into a better camera.

But those are the ideas I have so far. If I come up with anything more concrete, I’ll update it here.

Here’s the excerpt from my previous post:

“So I finally decided on this: I want to make a music video. I’m going to pick a song that I think sums up the book very well, and then record a music video that I think interacts with/mimics Only Revolutions. Tentatively, I want to say that song will be “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes. It is a bit of a cheery song lyrically, but musically it is definitely a “travel song,” which fits the novel. The music also sounds, to me, a little bit melancholy. I just think it fits the feel of Only Revolutions extremely well.

The music video will contain a self-contained story of two characters, a boy and girl, trying to meet up with things continually getting in the way. Then when they finally get together, everything falls apart anyway–they struggle for contact, fail time and time again, and when they succeed it doesn’t last.

I know that’s a vague description of what I’d like to do, but a lot of my work happens organically…I come up with ideas and tweaks as I go along.”

– Joe DeMarini


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