Final Project

The centerpiece of my project is an audio recording, similar to a podcast, which will display similarities between Only Revolutions with the poetry of Walt Whitman. Danielewski uses a lot of the same imagery to talk about the same things as Whitman does. Specifically images of the natural world, namely plants, to describe and euphemistically talk about death. Several of Whitman’s poems  describe Abraham Lincoln and his death. I think that these poems were a jumping off point for Danielewski in creating Only Revolutions.

Surrounding the audio will be an interactive website, based mainly on html, but it may include some flash elements as well.

I will use parallel frames to directly compare the text of Only Revolutions with that of Whitman’s poetry. I will also link to pop up images: nature, death, Lincoln, imagery suggestive of both works. These images/themes/words appear over and over again in both of the author’s works. The similarities should be glaring and interesting.

The experience should be immersive, visual and aural. Think of it as a visual and aural mashup of the two authors.

-Clayton Mathis


~ by Clayton Mathis on April 5, 2011.

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