A Little Catching Up: Final Project

For my Final Project, the penultimate assignment of my college career, I think I’d like to go back to the podcast well and try to delve a little deeper. My first podcast, in response to Makers, was a single speaker relating a story, but I for this assignment I wish to have multiple speakers, most likely a narrator and two subjects that either address the listener or engage in dialogue. Instead of Makers, this podcast will be orbiting around the ideas presented in the Library of Babel, which, despite the fact that we read it so long ago, is still my favorite piece discussed in this class. Borges manages to deal with incredibly lofty ideas about life, the universe, and everything, but he does it with tongue firmly planted in cheek, so as not to come off as an asshole. Humor will be mentioned not a little in my podcast.

The second major departure from my first podcast will be the incorporation of still images. Perhaps podcast isn’t even the right word any longer. I envision it similar to the stories we heard from the Center for Digital Storytelling — voices over still images. I am not sure yet which images I will use, or if I will create original images using one of the many image manipulating software programs we’ve looked at over the semester. Or Flash, flash is pretty cool too.




Borges in Babel makes a big deal of the babble that exists in his library. Hence, I wish to make this a feature (hopefully humorously) a part of my final project. My narrator will serve the part of Borges’ narrator, and my other speaker(s) will read from books supposedly found in the Library. The narrator will take it all very seriously; the book excerpts will become increasingly silly. I plan to go back and read the Borges story “Pierre Menard, author of the Quixote” for some clues as how to do this. The Menard story, for those unfamiliar, describes a writer working to produce a manuscript that just happens to have all the same words, in the same order, as the original Quixote. Borges manages to make a point about the sanctity we give words and works, all while making us stand back and chuckle a little.

I’m still a little unsure about exactly what images I wish to put with the vocal track, but I’m imagining that mixed in with the still images will be a few shots of video showing, among other thing, a library, books opening and closing, books being unceremoniously cast aside or angrily thrown aside, and maybe some sort of gigantic obviously fake explosion at the end.

This should all make sense once I finalize the script.

Technically, the project will be completed using GarageBand (for the vocal track) and Final Cut or the like for the visual portion.


~ by Brendan Sullivan on April 5, 2011.

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