The death at the mill..

For my final project, I plan on turning my podcast that I made in response to the House on Loon Lake into a video.  This idea stemmed from Yu-Lan’s blog post last week about turning the podcast into a video of some sort.  To me, this is a very interesting idea and is quite exciting.  I plan on venturing to the Mill this week and shooting some footage of the rapids and all of the surrounding beauty.  I will then attempt to turn this into a very original piece of artwork.

My use of displaying this footage, consisting of video and pictures, was originally going to be a strict video but now I am thinking about creating a link from my website connecting it to a bunch of different links that tells a story in a way like my podcast did.  This is sort of reminiscent of my body and alot of the flash works that we have been viewing this past week.  I am thrilled to start working on this final project and cannot wait to see how all of these final projects in our narrative and tech class turn out.

-Billy Ricketts-


When thinking about my final project and what exactly I want to do  and say with it, one distinct idea comes to my mind: Taking my podcast and turning it into a sort of interactive narrative that contains video and audio clips in order to tell the story of Sean D’arment.  I plan on using both garageband and Adobe premiere/photoshop in order to technically arrange my project.  The use of video, photography, and recorded audio will allow me to further expand my knowledge of what we have learned in class thus far in terms of displaying media.  With my gathered material I plan on making a separate link directed from my homepage to another page and so on with each page displaying a vital key in the story of the Mill.  The use of different hyperlinks will allow me to make an interactive narrative of some sort.

What I intend on getting across to the viewer is where the Sean D’arment story comes into place.  His sad death creates a layer of substance that, in my opinion, cannot go unmentioned.  I want the viewers to be able to feel the connection that I felt with Sean and see that he will live forever.  Not in the physical world, but in the interactive world that is the internet were life is eternal.  This project will be reminiscent of the House on Loon Lake and even Girl’s Day Out.  The beauty of a place such as the Mill makes it very easy for the sad death of  a boy to go unnoticed , and to me, that shouldn’t be the case.


~ by billyricketts on April 4, 2011.

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